The sponsorship model for funding maritime training

Fidra Films works with the maritime industry to produce training programmes funded by the maritime industry, for the maritime industry. The resulting maritime education and training (MET) is then distributed freely to all seafarers. Ultimately, we aim to create and deliver a complete suite of training resources that are regarded as the standard throughout the industry.

This model provides an excellent opportunity for your business to get its name in front of the world’s seafarers, their managers and those who ultimately run the maritime industry.

For each film or resource, we set the production budget and then divide this into a number of ‘blocks’. Maritime operators, insurers, organisations and institutions (those that will benefit from raising the training standard across the world’s fleet) are invited to ‘sponsor’ each block. In addition, we offer a ‘Headline Sponsor’ package to businesses looking to both increase their exposure in this growing market and also show their commitment to CSR.

Why sponsor an educational resource?

Because you’ll get ‘more bang for your buck’ and at the same time help make the industry safer and more efficient.

You could spend the money on traditional magazine or web advertising. For how long will this investment show a return? How long do you keep the average trade publication? When a web advert expires, it’s gone! An educational film and its associated materials could well still be in circulation many years from now, still carrying your branding and message.

Please get in touch with us if you would like to discuss current and future sponsorship opportunities.

Working with industry experts, we determine current priorities for training resources, assess the most suitable method for presenting these to the audience regardless of the apparent ‘commercial viability’, and then distribute the resultant training freely to all seafarers, companies and organisations. Our stakeholders can make a real difference to the industry.

Fidra Films charges a one-off fee for its work on each project, clearly included in the budget, but doesn’t sell or otherwise raise further revenue from it. Each production is solely aimed at achieving maximum educational benefit, not a recurring profit for ourselves or any other entity.

We believe that the long-term return on investment for the entire industry will be considerable, raising the standard of training and education throughout the world’s million-plus seafarers.


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