About us

Chris YoungFidra Films was founded by Chris Young, formerly the Maritime Training Producer for KVH Media Group’s TRAININGlink (re-branded from the long-established Walport Maritime Training Films) until mid-2015.

During his tenure at Walport, Young successfully conceived and developed the critically acclaimed and widely distributed The Human Element training resource (DVD and guidebook), based on the book of the same name developed and released by the UK’s MCA. The film, runner-up in the 2014 Seatrade Awards ‘Safety at Sea’ category, was developed in partnership with the MCA, BP, Teekay and The Standard Club.

Following the release of The Human Element, Young developed a number of further titles for KVH, all based on developing an understanding of how normal human behaviour affects the way we think and act, both at work and more generally in our lives. Fidra Films was created to further this work and to ensure that quality training materials and relevant educational resources are available to as many seafarers as possible, regardless of their circumstances.

Working collaboratively allows us to develop materials that are based on a consensus of opinion, and raising the production budget via sponsorship means that we do not have to sell the materials for a profit. This allows them to be of benefit to a larger audience, making them more effective.

We work with a number of partners to bring education to life, each chosen for their skill and experience in their respective fields, whether that be in developing  educational content or for their creative abilities.

Pukka FilmsYoung worked extensively with Pukka Films to create a number of human factors based training resources during his tenure at KVH TRAININGlink, most notably The Human Element* (see trailer below).

Pukka Films are experts in the use of film to change behaviour, having won a number of prestigious awards for their work. Their productions are used by many global organisations to improve lives and workplaces.

(The Human Element is a KVH Media Group | TRAININGlink film, and is available to purchase from their website.)

Pukka Films were nominated for Outstanding Debut Feature at the 2015 BAFTA awards for their film ‘Kajaki: The true story‘.

Fidra Films work (non-exclusively) with Pukka because they have proven time and again that their abilities will exceed expectations, both for the customer and the viewer.


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