Current projects

We are currently raising the funding for and putting together the educational and creative resources for the following projects. These are scheduled to go into production in late 2016/early 2017. If you would like to be involved as a headline sponsor, partner/co-sponsor or adviser, please get in touch with us.


Maritime Cybersecurity and Cyber awareness

Please see this page for more information on our collaborative maritime cybersecurity initiative.


Pilot Boarding Arrangements: #DangerousLadders

In Partnership with IMPA

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This project is at the proposal stage. We’re currently in discussions with a number of stakeholders to identify the scope of the problems and define a strategy for improving the safety of maritime pilots. Interested sponsors are invited to submit their expression of interest.

For an idea of what we’re working on and the problems we’re looking to address, search the Twitter hashtag #DangerousLadders. To receive updates or to become a member of the steering group, please get in touch. We’d like to hear from people in many different maritime roles, but particularly serving or ex pilots and pilot boat crews.


Enclosed Space Entry and Rescue:




Enclosed spaces kill. Frequently. Far too frequently.

The dangers are well-known, and training and drills have been carried out for years now. So why do experienced men still fall into the trap? Why are over 50% of the unnecessary deaths caused during the attempt to rescue a fallen colleague?

We are working on creating and delivering a new resource, freely available to all seafarers, that will help make these incidents a thing of the past. By taking a ‘human factors’ approach to the subject rather than ‘do this‘, ‘don’t do this‘, this drama production will be engaging and memorable, showing the viewers how normal human behaviour makes us prone to making often deadly errors of judgement, and how we can mentally prepare ourselves to be safer and live longer.

Contact us for more information or to become involved.


Navigation Matters:

The modern OOW has a lot to deal with, as they always have. But things are changing on the bridge…

Technology is meant to make our work and our lives easier, safer. But does it? Do we know how to safely and efficiently integrate modern systems into the traditional routine of the Officer of the Watch? How have we ended up with the phrase “ECDIS assisted grounding” being routinely used? Why does an ignorance of, or a blatant flouting of, the COLREGs cause so many incidents? Are AIS, ECDIS, VHF etc. being effectively understood and used while still keeping a wary eye looking out of the window?

This project looks at the human factors issues faced by the modern mariner. Using drama to engage the audience, we will take them on a journey of discovery, one they will find it very hard to forget.

Contact us for more information or to become involved.


Cargo Liquefaction:

The dangers of cargo liquefaction are well-known, but continue to cause serious accidents, almost invariably with the loss of innocent lives. We are working on a resource that will educate not just the seafarers that take the ultimate risk, but those ashore who have the power to prevent these needless incidents.

Contact us for more information or to become involved.


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