What’s the ‘Big Idea’ here?

Crowdfunding for the maritime industry, to create and deliver relevant, effective, quality training to the world’s seafarers, at less cost to, and achieving greater effectiveness for, the entire industry. The production budgets are raised primarily through sponsorship by interested parties and from maritime-related businesses.


What are Fidra currently working on? We are interested in getting involved…

To see what we have in the pipeline, please visit the ‘Current Projects‘ page.


Why should we support Fidra?

Because seafarers’ lives, their education and their welfare are important. Morally and financially. By working together we can create a safer, happier and more efficient industry. And also because we can offer you a considerable return on your sponsorship investment.


Why should we help fund this initiative, when plenty of other companies won’t?

Because it’s about more than just you. The companies that won’t help, those that don’t care, will be the same one’s that don’t provide proper training and welfare for their crew’s at the moment. The one’s that supply the barest minimum, that use ‘knock-off’ copies of commercial content, the one’s that no one can find when the shit hits the fan. This is about making the sea a better, safer place for everyone, regardless of who they work for.


What if I can’t get the QHSE dept. to sign-off this kind of funding?

Speak to your marketing/PR dept… ask them what they pay for magazine and web advertising. Then ask them how long they think they’ll continue get a return on investment from that A4 advert. Weeks? Months? Or years?


How do you spend the funding you raise?

Carefully. Our stated aim is to produce Relevant, Quality, Effective training and get it to as many seafarers as possible. We cover our costs from the funding that we raise but we don’t have shareholders squealing for profits.


Are you an official ‘non-profit’ or ‘not for profit’ organisation?

No, not as yet. As a start-up we are still building our organisational structure. We do promise however to behave as a non-profit would.


Who can use the training produced by Fidra?

Anyone. As long as you’re not attempting to make a direct profit from using the training materials, and you don’t alter the content without permission, then you’re free to use the resources as you see fit. For more information on licencing, please get in touch with us.


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